Can they hack it? Yes they can.

Last weekend’s BMJ Hack has been reported in the BMJ. The article can be found here.

At the weekend, we built the prototype for the OA Button and the BMJ judges (chief executive officer Tim Brooks, editor in chief Fiona Godlee, and chief technical officer Sharon Cooper) were joined by Helen Bevan, chief of service transformation at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, and Geraint Lewis, chief data officer at the NHS to select the best hacks.

The winning app which was developed by Andrea Weir, Alok Matta and Anne Marie Cunningham was a smartphone app for patients to collect and compute home blood pressure readings that follow National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance.

In second place was a game aimed at medical students that used the BMJ’s onExamination obstetrics and gynaecology questions. This game was developed by Jon Hilton, Daniel Inniss, Giuseppe Sollazzo, Kaelan Fouwels, and Kush Depala.

We came in third place at the BMJ Hack, this was completely unexpected and overwhelming. What began as an idea during a chat between team members David and Joseph is now a reality and provides an amazing foundation to take our idea forward.