cOAlition S chooses Permissions for Plan S Journal Checker Tool

After an extensive competitive search, we’re proud to announce that cOAlition S, an international consortium of research funders working towards making full and immediate Open Access a reality, has chosen Permissions to supply self-archiving policy data for their new Plan S Journal Checker Tool. Permissions is our new open source automated permissions checking system. It includes a database of all policies that affect self-archiving and a system for applying them to individual papers. Our system provides full coverage for thousands of relevant journals, ensures their policies are automatically monitored 24/7 for changes, and will enable the JCT team to easily apply those policies to journals and articles. We’re grateful to cOAlition S for leading the way in funding the maintenance and improvement of the Permissions system, which is available for anyone to use for free.

Our friends at Cottage Labs, our technical partners since 2013, were chosen to build theJournal Checker Tool, which will be open source and free for anyone to use. This tool will use Permissions to inform authors where they can publish under Plan S while using self-archiving to make their work open. Permissions will serve as the template for the Journal Checker Tool systems to track and manage Transformative Agreements and the new Transformative Journals as a route to open.

Read cOAlition S’s full announcement here, and find out more about them and Plan S on their website.