Every day people are denied access to research. Let’s fix that. Sign up at act.openaccessbutton.org

If you’re reading this, you probably know that it’s not okay for people to be denied access to research.

Since November, the Open Access Button has been visualising when people are denied access to research all over the world. We’ve seen doctors and patients denied access to information about diseases and their treatments, academics denied access to research for their work, and schoolkids denied access to the information they need to do their homework and make the next big discoveries.

In the run up to the launch of the next Open Access Button later this year, we want to start changing this system today. Paywalls are a global problem that impede research, but it can be hard for an individual to know how to help. By joining our advocacy list at act.openaccessbutton.org, you will be joining a generation of change makers who will champion Open Access. This sign up is just the beginning — in addition to being a key member in the launch of our next Button, you’ll be the first to learn about ways to promote Open Access and will be an instrumental part of campaigning and grassroots organising all over the world.

You will help spread the word about the importance of Open Access and how the Open Access Button can help. We want to empower a community of students, educators, librarians, professionals, and citizens who want to make change. It can be as much or little of a time commitment as you want; every effort, both small and large, will help make Open Access a reality.

Sign up now by going to act.openaccessbutton.org and stay tuned for opportunities for change coming your way soon.