Help make the Button more awesome

The last year and a half has been incredible. We have gone from nothing to a really useful, workable bookmarklet which has helped track thousands of people running into paywalls. Most of it thanks to volunteer developers (and others), who poured their souls into getting this project off the ground.

After partnering with Cottage Labs, we have been working on a back-end for the Open Access Button to take it to a whole new level and it is now in a state that we can start working on the front-end. So, we are looking for some help:

  • in creating add ons for Firefox and Chrome, which will talk to our shiny new back-end.
  • Back-end improvements to hook our API up to way to get papers server side.
  • or anything else you think would be cool

How technical do I need to be?

To code you should be familiar with (or prepared to learn to use) Github, JavaScript and Python. We can also use people with design, security auditing, quality assurance, or anything else useful, we will be more than pleased to have you help. If you have ideas for improving design, usability, bug hunting and fixing, translation, testing, or anything else you think that might be useful, please let us know.

How do I get connected and make an impact?

Our Github is where you find all our development related documents, you can follow the links from Anything else, email ( Yes, you saw that right, no mailing list.

What will I get?

If you make a significant contribution (generously judged by us, or demanded by you) we’ll send you some goodies (stickers, postcards, smiles). We’ll also stick you on the buttons page as a developer, and you’ll have bonus karma points and warm fuzzy feelings.

All of our work is released under free and open source licenses such as the MIT License or Creative Commons licenses.

Thank you,

From all of us at the Open Access Button.