Open Access Button Update: April 1

A Bigger Button Team

The main growth for the Open Access Button lately has been recruiting new members for our student team and Steering Committee.

Student Team
We have welcomed 11 new team members to team Button! This brings our international student volunteer team to 19 members. We’ve expanded our Communications, Fundraising, Secretary and Technology teams. We also created new positions by bringing on a new Consultation and Partnership Coordinator and two Community and Advocacy Coordinators. Our new members represent a variety of academic backgrounds and come from France, Germany, India, United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa. Learn more about them on our team page.

We’re still looking for a Treasury Assistant, Secretary, and Graphic Designer. Do you know someone who would be great in one of those roles? Encourage them to apply!

Steering Committee
We received many nominations for our Steering Committee and have invited six outstanding professionals to join the team. The incoming Committee members have expertise in fundraising, copyright law, programming, communications, and the Global South. We’re excited to soon have their guidance and they’ll help ensure the Open Access Button team is as effective as possible.

Stay tuned to the blog and social media for the official announcement about the new Steering Committee members.

What’s Your Story?

The Open Access Button collects data on the impact of paywalls, but we also aim to collect stories. Every time the Button is pressed we ask, “Why do you need access?” Users have said they’re researching diseases, working on a paper, or are simply curious about a subject. But now we want to expand on that question. Paywalls have an impact on individuals and it is time to put a name, face and story to this impact. Over the coming months we will be hosting a new blog series and need your stories for it.

So, why do you need access? Feel free to tweet us at @OA_Button or email the Communications team at

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