Thanking libraries who sustain us.

Our business model aims to ensure that financially supporting open source, community-owned tools that provide key features for free is easy and richly rewarded. Today, we’re releasing a part of this program: a showcase for institutions that are enabling our work.

We’re also proud to welcome two founding leaders that have recently joined us, the University of Alberta and Liberate Science. We’re proud to have the support of CJ de Jong at the University of Alberta and Chris Hartgerink of Liberate Science. CJ is a long-serving member of the steering committee for the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative, a group that has led the work on reimagining the interlibrary loan, and his input into InstantILL has already greatly improved the tool. Chris is a new Shuttleworth Fellow building innovative, participatory, and fun tools for researchers, and we’re honored to have his support. They join IUPUI, Florida State University (FSU), Goldsmiths, and Montana State in supporting our work.

We don’t think a page full of logos does justice to the incredible leadership these and other institutions have demonstrated, so we have tried to design something better. On our site, in many cases, you’ll see not just all of the institutions who’ve stepped up, but also the individuals doing the work behind the scenes and the reasons that they’re doing it. We hope that this more fully demonstrates our gratitude and that it is an exciting place to appear alongside peers.

If you would like to join this group in supporting our work, find out how.