The Week In Links — July 25

What has been happening in the world of Open Access in the last week? It’s been an exciting first week for our new Communications Officers, Lydia and Megan. Our own Joe McArthur was interviewed for OKFestival 2014, speaking about the Button and his work with Right to Research Coalition.

In sad and disturbing news-a graduate student in Colombia, Diego Gomez, is facing up to 8 years in prison for sharing an academic article online.

India makes our news again this week as the country’s pledge to provide free access to scientific work online proves to be ambitious and is setting the bar for global access to information.

The United States’ Food and Drug Administration is adding more information, including life saving recall information, to their online Open Access Data Initiative.

Malaria Box, an Open Access project which expands knowledge and malaria research using theories of knowledge and data sharing, continues to increase human knowledge of malaria and other tropical diseases and pathogens!

The Research Councils of the UK has begun to sponsor reviews into policies surrounding Open Access during a policy transition period.

Also this week, new numbers show that Open Access mandate numbers are rising around the world! Be sure to check out the chart to see which institutions in your area are using/implementing an Open Access policy!