The Week in Links — June 13

What has been happening in the world of Open Access in the last week?

Nobel Prize winner Randy Schekman mentioned the Open Access Button in a recent Naked Scientists podcast on how commercial science publishing is flawed.

PLOS Biology has launched a new collection called The Promise of Plant Translational Research. In an accompanying blog post, Dr. Roli Roberts, associate editor at PLOS Biology, wrote that open access is crucial in addressing our planet’s looming food crisis.

Tesla Motors has announced that, “in the spirit of the open source movement,” their patents now belong to the public and are available for the innovative public to use.

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) recently gave a plenary session (slides) at the 35th conference for the International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries on their new standard criteria. DOAJ is currently reassessing the 9770 journals indexed in the directory and 99% of the journals will have to reapply to remain in the directory.

Research reported that United Kingdom universities are experiencing difficulty in tracking open access.

Open Book Publishers in Cambridge (University of Cambridge) are now working to offer all of their titles through a mobile app. This effort is aimed at addressing the issue of making materials accessible to readers in the developing world, where more individuals use mobile phones than they do computers.