With Shareyourpaper.org it’s easy to make your paper Open Access, for free!

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown how critical it is that research is shared quickly and freely. We can’t go back to “b̶u̶s̶i̶n̶e̶s̶s̶ research as usual” and keep locking up the world’s research behind paywalls. That’s why we’re proud to debut Shareyourpaper.org to make it easy to share your work for anyone to read — freely and legally.

In a few clicks, Shareyourpaper.org can help authors share their Coronavirus research and, in fact, any research.

Just go to shareyourpaper.org, tell us what you want to share, then just drag and drop your paper. You’ll instantly get a freely accessible link to your paper. Eventually, you’ll see more citations as every researcher can now use your work [1]. No sign ups, endless emails or long forms, and zero jargon. We’ll make sure what you share is legal, backed up, and turns up when people look for your paper.

A gif of just one way to deposit using shareyourpaper.org

Here’s how it works: We make your work legally free for all using “self-archiving”, often called Green Open Access. This works for almost all major journals, and is encouraged by major publishers, funders, and libraries. Self-archiving is free because it uses the rights author’s have over their work to choose how it’s shared. You can still publish wherever you want, because all major publishers encourage self-archiving: you just have to follow their rules. That’s tricky, so we spent the last year building a system that works that all out for you. Once you upload your paper, we’ll ensure the free version turns up on Google Scholar, Web of Science, and more!

As part of the Open Access movement, for decades, libraries have led the way in helping authors to share their work. That’s why we’ve partnered with librarians to build Shareyourpaper.org, with generous support from the Arcadia Fund. We hope that now making your paper free to all is not only the right thing to do, not only the clever thing to do, but also the free and easy thing to do. To make sure this is the case, we’re providing a customized version of Shareyourpaper.org to every library that wants it, releasing APIs, and sharing our code openly.

Sharing should be simple and free, for all. If you agree, try shareyourpaper.org, send your colleagues our way, and tell your library about it.