In the works at OA.Works in 2022

Some of our highlights from the past year

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OA.Works’ 2022 year in review

In 2022, our focus was on building OA.Report (a blog on that coming soon! Join our mailing list to be notified). But, as 2022 becomes 2023, we wanted to take the chance to celebrate the other work we did to help make Open Access easy & equitable. So, without further ado:

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OA.Works joined Code for Science & Society.
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Introducing our new Advisory Committee
  • OA.Support, our new Open Access helpdesk, facilitated self-archiving through 430 follow-up emails, answering 100 questions and capturing dozens of researcher quotes for policy development. The Gates foundation is the first to deploy the service fully, and we're both encouraged by these results.
A series of symbolic icons represent OA.Support answering author's questions, following up on requests, and providing feedback.
OA.Support helps answer author's questions in 24 hours, follow-up on requests to make work open, and provide feedback to libraries and funders on author's progress and challenges.

Our talk at the event "Open Access for Climate Justice"

  • We enhanced the cOAlition S Journal Checker Tool by providing new data on what type of Open Access a journal supports (e.g., Diamond, Transformative, Hybrid, Gold), as well as fast updates to ShareYourPaper Permissions data.
  • Our team met in-person for the first time to bond, scheme, and build!
  • We stopped using Google Analytics to protect our users' privacy. A small step to align ourselves with our values.
  • We celebrated our first anniversary as OA.Works after our rebrand in 2021! We’ve been so pleased with the communities response.
We display the four key elements of what drives us, along a symbolic icon. Our theory of change is "build for open"; how we collaborate is "problems into partnerships''; our product ethos is "ideals into reality"; our how we work is "joy in action".
The four values that drive us and our work: build for open, problems into partnerships, ideals into reality, and joy in action.
Head to our impact page for more numbers, stories, and testimonials from our work.

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Support for this work was provided in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of our funders.