Summer of Student Innovation: Mobile App Development Update

After the launch of the Open Access Button Beta last November, we have had many requests for a Button that works for mobile. With the launch of the next Open Access Button later this year, the Open Access Button is getting a mobile app. This work is being funded by JISC as part of the Summer of Student Innovation initiative, and this is the first of many blogs updating you on our development.

This app intends to do a number of things that includes:

  • Providing tools and resources for advocates to do their work
  • Providing Early Career researchers, students and others the tools and information to feel confident talking about Open Access
  • Provide people who use mobile devices for research the same Button functionality as on a computer

To maintain the ethos of student innovation, the development of the mobile app is being done by Harry Rickards and Vesko Vankov, two 18 year old students who came to us highly recommended from Young ReWired State. They have already dived in, and are starting to make progress on an Android app (with iOS to follow). The mobile app is part of the ongoing development of the Open Access Button, which will be a big improvement on usability over the current iteration.

The app is being designed to make life easier for people who need access and also to help people advocate for open access to research:

  • Access to the Button functionality, so you will be able to log paywalls and look for access if you hit one.
  • A knowledge kit for getting started with Open Access and Open Access Advocacy will be available. We hope to provide a wealth of information on different types of Open Access, how Open Access Works, good ways to talk about Open Access, and more.

Follow us on this blog and on Twitter @OA_button for updates about the development of the new Open Access Button and this app over the coming months.