The Week in Links — May 2

What has been happening in the world of Open Access in the last week?

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge has said that ‘Elsevier are rich enough already

Though the findings have not been pretty, theres been a very positive step forwards with data being released on what universities pay in journal fees. PLos Open synthesised the findings. Eccentricities were revealed such as UCL having to pay six times as much to Elsevier as Exeter!

An excellent rebuttal: Junior scientists are sceptical of sceptics of open access: a reply to Agrawal.

Plymouth’s Marine Biological Association has made a large quantity of it’s previous research accessible in an online repository.

The Australian Open Access Support Group calculated how much money is being spent on Open Access publishing.

Ben Johnson posits a change of viewing Open Access as a disruptive process, towards a more nuanced picture of the interrelationship between openness, visibility and impact.